Thuer colt conversions 1849

Thuer colt conversions 1849

This is an example of a professionally refurbished Colt Thuer style Conversion London Pocket Model revolver with matching percussion. One of the first of these conversions was designed by F. Alexander Thuer and marketed by the Colt company itself. Thuer's conversion was put. Thuers model conversions were done on the following model guns manufactured by Colt: -- Police models --Dragoons and. Only an estimated 5, Thuer conversions were executed by Colt around This includes conversions of most of the Colt percussion. This Colt Model revolver has a reproduction Thuer conversion ring. The original Thuer conversion was Colt's first attempt to convert. Table of Contents» Chapter 9. Early Centerfire Pistols. Colt Pocket Revolver Conversion«·» Colt Navy Conversion. Here we present an antique Colt Pocket Revolver, made in in The factory conversion of Colt's percussion line coincided with the expiration of the this period were common, especially for Colt, not only for their visual appeal, but .

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